Saturday, August 27, 2011

Things to do if you know you have an emergancy coming

Money squirrel posted this when Hurricane Irene was going to hit the East Coast I think some of this is relevent to have on hand for any emergancy.

1. Get some cash. ATMs do not work when there is no electricity. Also some stores will be open on a cash only basis if they are open at all.

2. Fill up with gas now. Lines will get long and supplies will become low.

3. Stock up on water, ice and items that do not have to be on ice.

4. Pack in advance all important documents. Protect pictures especially those that cannot be replaced.

5. Have canned goods and a manual can opener.

6. While you have power -- cook a few basics --- boil eggs, bake snacks, etc.

7. If you have a few days before landfall use them to consume items in your fridge.

8. Pack a variety of clothes. (The usual recommandation is 3 days. I would pack a little more.)

9. If you have pets don't forget their food and other items.

10. Also phones will usually not work. Text messages usually do better during times like this.

11. Let someone on the thread know that you are safe once everything is over. We worry about our friends.

12. This is the most important. Leave town if you are in the direct path as soon as you can. Those traffic jams are stressful and you do not want to be on the road as this thing comes in.

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