Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Poem by 3Catslady

I see Jesus standing there with His arms spread open wide.
I see Him kneeling there for the little girl that's deep inside.
I see the tears running down His face when He sees that I am sad.
I see His glowing, shining face when He sees that I am glad.

He knows what is in my heart, whether it's joy or sadness or fear.
And I know when I feel these things that He is, oh, so near.
So why is it I have these times when doubt just floods my mind?
I know Jesus is there and salvation is all mine.

That demon down below is torturing me
I cannot let him win.
It is Jesus' love and grace I seek,
I do not want to sin.

But, alas, I am a human, and sin is part of life.
With Jesus' help and faithfulness I will get through this strife.
By prayer and meditation, I'll walk in my Lord's way
By prayer and meditation, from His side I will not stray.

When He holds me deep in those loving arms;
To me shall come no harm.
When He holds my hand and I am next to Him.
There is peace within my heart.